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We really appreciate the auditor’s help thru out the entire process as well as the internal review that he conducted for our organization.

With using the proprietary app for internal review, Nate was able to precisely summarize all the details and samples to be reviewed in advance and improve a lot on the efficiency throughout the process.

The internal review report was comprehensive and in a clearly understandable format for us to easily review and take actions on any corrective items if required.

Again, thank you very much for your help!

Dennis Huang

DH Engineering Lab

Oh my gosh the auditor was great. He was taught well and did a wonderful job.


The auditor was great with timing and was patient.

It was all great. Seriously, no complaints.

David Khanayatev

CFO, OEM Source Inc

Transparent, open and fair.

Easy, orderly, and professional

Terry Ward

Management Representative, Fenco Noise Barriers

It’s a good auditing program that stream lines the audit process by eliminating the need to re write audit plans on paper.

And it compiles and generates a report without taking the time to create the report. Saving time and paper 🙂

Bryce Kelchner

Quality Manager, MK Magnetics

It was amazing. The auditors were very patient and very clear with their questioning. Very intelligent.

We had a great experience, really did.

Regarding the remote audit, this was a proper audit! I now feel confident going into the certification audit. Thank you.

David Elarar

General Manager, Swipe Ice

Thought it was a great tool (the i-Comply app). Good for taking you step by step through the QMS to verify compliance. And, I like how it spit out a report at the end. Our certification auditor really liked it too!

Darrel Jones

Patriot Ordnance Factory, Compliance Officer

The audit service works well. We make a plan, stick to it, and get it done. I look at it as a partnership.

Steve Williams

Con-Tech of California, President

Good. The audit was pretty thorough. We found plenty of places for improvement, that’s what you try to do, make yourself better.

Eric Tapia

President, East Coast Machine

(Regarding virtual auditing) “Didn’t believe it at first. There is no need for on-site auditing. Remote is the best way, absolutely”

Mike Hamed

President, Stallion Technology and eCrush-IT Services

I think the remote audit is excellent as it doesn’t restrict when, where or who can do it.  Being located on the other side of the world meant the audit didn’t disrupt my existing project commitments.  The meeting software is great as I can directly share my screen and show the required information.  The audit report is great as it clearly identifies the items to address.  The audit worksheet provides clear information on what was reviewed/assessed and the actual findings from it.

Overall this process is great and really suits me well particularly for time.  Having to take time out to do audits in the “office” means its taking away time from my current secondment so 1 day away means over $1000 missed.  SO being able to do this remotely and at a time that suits me and yourself was perfect.

Daniel Innis

Director, DCI & Associates

The internal audit was much more thorough/tougher. I kind of expected that though. I thought the certification audit would look at a few key sections, which he did. The internal audit looked at everything.

Thank you for helping us get this done very quickly. The experience was excellent… Everything went very smooth. The audit opened my eyes as to where we’re falling short with our Quality Management System. Thanks again for all your help.

Jason Snavely

General Manager, Leonard's Molded Products

The iComply audit was a success.  I will plan on doing this again next year.  The auditor did a great job and was more thorough than our official auditors.

Jim Morris

Director of Engineering, ITWEAE

We spent another big day with Mike yesterday working through our Internal Audit and just wanted to say how much we appreciate Mike’s help – he is a wonderful man and so good to work with – we really enjoyed his company, and most importantly, his technical advice and guidance on our QA journey – he really knows his stuff!  Please pass on our sincere gratitude for his help.

Mal Cadioli

Brisbane Bushcare, Australia

I thought the audit was great. Learnt a lot. I think we’ll come out of it with a better, more accurate manual. We’ve had auditors that were a*****es in the past… we didn’t have an auditor that was an a*****e [with iComply] 🙂 so the audit went really well. He’s a nice guy.

Ethan Ormsby, Quality Manufacturing Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Trillium Flow Technologies

The audit went really well! Very thorough. We have some gaps identified to fill or eliminate now. Thank you for your help.

Spencer Johnson, EHS Specialist

Trillium Flow Technologies

Trenton Steadman was amazing again! Mr. Steadman is extremely professional, an industry expert and very detailed oriented. Mr. Steadman has to be one of the most talented auditors in the industry! We will continue working with your company as long as you keep auditors like him!

Niels Merino-Thiebaud, Vice President of Corporate Development

Erimax, Inc.