We audit your business quicker, smarter and cheaper. Full stop.

Because we have secret weapons.

Secret Weapon: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1.


Provide details and manuals and we agree on an audit time.

Step 2.

Audit & Report.

On-site or off-site audit conducted and report produced at the same time via meeting software (like FaceTime).

Step 3.

All done.

That’s it. It’s really only two steps, but three is more than two.

Secret Weapon.

Remote (virtual) audits.

Can you really do that?

If Harvard recommends virtual doctor’s visits, then why not virtual, remote internal audits?

Yeah, why not? We dared to ask and now we’re doing it. You may never have to look eyeball-to-eyeball at another auditor your whole life! But our auditors are really nice people with loads of personality. So if it’s good for your business and it’s the way things are going (virtual), then we are a fit. And with technology the way it is nowadays, it’s almost like being there, but so much less hassle and expense.

Why iComply?

Because we make it simple and do it faster.

  • Don't have the time.

    Audits don’t need to be tedious and drawn out. Depending on your procedures and the number of standards, we can get you through the entire audit process in a day, sometimes less. And remember, you cost money and so do your staff. Using our methods save time and therefore money.

  • Worried about the cost.

    Here is what typically happens: You have to choose someone internally to do the 3 to 5 day audit training, they are off the floor for the training and that’s lost income; and then there’s the travel, accommodation and expenses, and they get back and are still unsure where to start. Make it easy on yourself. Call us. There will be no travel costs, accommodation costs, no loss of income and we are ‘audit ready’, saving you a heap of time and money. It makes cents (sense) – call us.

  • We'll be quick (and thorough).

    We come prepared with questions straight from your own management system. And our custom iPad application was built for speed (and compliance).

We have aweditors, not auditors.



noun: A really, really, flippin awesome auditor; A great auditor that makes things better, easier, faster and smarter.

Not to be mistaken with ‘auditor’ – They are pronounced the same, but are oh so different. We have awesome aweditors.

Auditors need to be well trained, exact, intelligent and thorough. They don’t need to be unfriendly, unhappy, awkward, and autocratic. Auditors need to be a lot of things, but if they make you feel like you’re going to the principal’s office, then you need to change your auditor. Our “aweditors” tick all the right boxes. We hope that our auditors make you feel like you actually look forward to your next audit (Hey, we can only hope, right?).

1-833-229-1215. Do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Secret Weapon.

Awesome auditors.

Not awkward auditors.

Ever heard those stories of awkward auditors that think they are some kind of Jedi Knight (that just turned to the dark side) and have all the power? Not our aweditors.

We have friendly, thorough and helpful auditors. We can be tough if you need us to be, but we know who’s the boss (you) and we won’t use any Jedi mind tricks. Promise.

Do you have a story about an awkward auditor or an awesome auditor (aweditor)? We’d love to hear them.

iComply – taking the Medi-Eval. out of Auditing

Auditing methods outdated? Costing too much time and money? iComply has the perfect solution!

iComply -An Evolution in Auditing.

This video answers pretty much all the important questions you have about auditing. Questions like –

  • What is the history of auditing?
  • What do the big Easter Island Heads have to do with auditing?
  • What is the future of auditing?
  • I’ve already paid for the audit, do I have to pay for lunch also?
  • Do audits have to be awkward?

Secret Weapon.

Objective auditors.

We get your business. We really do.

So, you’re are a niche business and feel an external auditor won’t understand? Well most standards prescribe that internal auditors should be independent of the process being audited. It can be challenging for some organizations to find true independence within an organization, and that’s another reason aweditors is a perfect fit for your internal auditing process. It can make all the difference with regards to outcomes and eventual buy-in of the audit findings and we come trained, which means you no longer need to keep training and retraining your own staff.

And the great part is, that in order to maintain objectivity, we can just change the auditor. Same Bat time, same Bat channel, just a different Batman.

Secret Weapon.

Troubles with storing and getting information from previous audits?

We can help with that.

Well, if we did your audit last time, we would already have all that information available electronically. But wait, that’s right, you used someone else. Time to look ahead and chalk it up to experience. This time, it’ll be one decision you’re glad you made. Or, choose us now and then get in H.G. Wells’ time machine, go ahead a year, use our iPad app and then bring that information back to this year. That would be cool, but unfortunately we lent the time machine to someone else and who knows how long they’ll be. Our iPad app records and stores copies of documents, records of relevant activities and even conversations and they are instantly retrievable (no time machine required).

The Time Machine

Secret Weapon.

You may be thinking to yourself…

“these guys keep saying I’ll save money but mom always said if you pay peanuts you get monkeys – are you going to give me a cheap, hacked-up imitation of an internal audit?”

Moms are always right – right?  Well, as one mom* said: ‘Tain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It), that’s what we do to get results. We have developed an algorithm and turned it into an iPad app. The app helps us be efficient and focus on what matters, cutting down the time it takes and we pass the savings onto you. We are passionate about providing an efficient yet thorough audit. So you’ll get a world-class audit and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the process too.

*The mom that said that was Ella Fitzgerald.


“I’ve been through some audits, but these are user friendly auditors. They’re easy to get along with. A professional audit, but we were made to feel relaxed.”

David Hutchins

Director, Caylamax Demolitions

“Happy with our discussions which have led to improvements in our system. It’s been good having a date looming, prompting us to get things done. It’s beneficial for our internal systems to have an external person looking at them from a different view point.”

Len Oldfield

Managing Director, Hasthill Consultants

“Extremely professional. Painless and supportive. Requirements were clearly expressed in a non- threatening environment.”

John Hambridge

National Training Manager, Maurice J. Kerrigan

“The Compliancehelp auditor was really good. Did great with the time. A lot of material but kept moving fast. Really enjoyed working with the auditor.

“[Regarding online] I liked it because I’m a virtual person. It can be challenging getting someone out here at a time that suits everyone’s schedules. Really convenient. Really liked it.”

Eva Vasquez

Admin Manager, Del Machine Shop

(From more people that think we are awesome!)

Secret Weapon.


What would a sports game be like if no one took the scores?

Really boring. It would be hard to know who won, and for the players, no motivation to try. We don’t pretend that internal auditing is as exciting as your favorite sport, however, our software provides objective scoring to help easily determine departmental compliance as well as overall organizational compliance with your own policies and procedures. Scores can provide each department and your whole organization with the motivation to keep improving and to aim for 100%.

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